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07 April 2012 @ 04:58 pm
10 } fire cannot kill a dragon  
O.K. Earlier this week, I downloaded Game of Thrones. I finished watching it this morning and, well, it was awesome.
The Easter holidays have started (thank goodness), so now I get two weeks to dwell in my laziness. I think I deserve it, considering I only had five days off last term - that's pretty good for me, if you think about the amount of days I had absent last year and the two years prior to that. I also kicked butt in my tests for once. We can't forget that.
On the last day of school we did an English test, though. Stupid, I know, but whatever. I'm, in all honesty, quite certain I did poorly. I mean, it's not like the last test, which I had studied for because I had a .PDF copy of the novel we had to read, because this time all of the information required was in my school book, and my English teacher kept that book. Yeah, that was smart. It's not like I was very knowledgeable in that unit in the first place.
Basically, I'm doomed.
The rest of that day hadn't been so bad until lunch-time. Well, fourth session, maybe. We had History then, and we also didn't have our actual teacher or a very large class, so we didn't have to do much work. Even from Science, the class I'd had before that, my friends had been acting really weird. I've mentioned these two friends in particular beforehand. One was the guy that... well, whatever... and the other was the friend that he'd told about... well, whatever. Cryptic, I know, but nonetheless. The weirdness got even worse in History. The two were loud and just... well, weird. I sought refuge in the questions our teacher had given us, but since he only gave us three, that refuge didn't last long. I started to get annoyed. I mean, I can take only so much of this stuff. I can't... I don't know. It just irritated me, and I'm not sure why.
Anyway, toward the end of the lesson, my friend (the female one that knows about... well, whatever) started talking to my other friend (the male one that actually... er - yeah) about me. Except I wasn't supposed to know that they were talking about me, so I played dumb. I'd been doing that a lot whenever that subject came up. So, I was drawing, or looking at my book, or something, while they were talking about me. And she was trying to get him to ask me out. On the last day of school. During lunch. Which was to start in a few minutes. She had to be kidding. He could see how stupid that idea was just as well as I could. And yet he went through with it.
Second half at lunch time, he came up to us and he asked me out. Well, not so point-blank. It took a while for him to make his friends go away, and then make my friends go away, then it took him a while to even manage to speak (I understand that it must have been embarrassing, or something of the sort). When he finally asked, I felt bad. I mean, I'd heard what he'd said about me - he told one of my friends that I was cute, or that I got cuter by the day, or something like that - and that made me feel... well, bad. The answer had been no since the time I'd heard he liked me and it still is, but I couldn't find the strength to say that. So I, being the moron that I am, said I'd think about it.
Luckily, the next lesson we had Sport, and we're in different classes for that, so I got to go to the Gym with one of my friends from a different class. I didn't see him again. Well, not really. I saw him from a distance but he walked in the opposite direction, so I didn't have to address him.
But he has me added on Skype, so he asked for an answer the next day. It took me half an hour to just say "I don't know". But I do know, which makes it worse. I just feel bad about the whole situation, and, even after being asked that question, I still feel as though he hates my guts. It's unnerving.
I guess it goes without saying that I haven't done any writing. During the holidays, I'll try to force myself into doing some. I really will.
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