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08 January 2012 @ 03:43 pm
This is just a quick post to relay the dream I had this morning (or last night - my memory's a bit foggy, I guess).
Well, to start, the guys from One Direction had moved into my neighbourhood for some odd reason. In fact, they moved right next door. I had come home from school (but my home was not really my home, it was completely different; and my school was not really my school, but the primary school I had gone to) to find the boys moving stuff into their house, but they seemed to drop everything when they noticed my Mum and I pull into the driveway.
My Mum didn't have a clue who they were, of course, but I knew vaguely. When we got inside I found myself staring out the door at them with drawn eyebrows, and my Mum was gliding around behind me, unsure of what was going on. Eventually, one of the guys knocked on the door and asked if they could come in. For some reason I was totally against it, but I didn't have time to voice it because my Mum had already opened the door and asking for their names.
I sat in my kitchen (which wasn't designed anything like my real kitchen) at the dinner table and frowned while the boys introduced themselves to my Mum, then one of them realised I was sitting there and came over. From then on, it just got strange. Zayn - the one that had walked over to me - started singing. Which is weird, because I don't even like him that much. I laughed a bit, hoping that he'd stop, but he didn't. My Mum was delighted, but I was freaked out.
I made my way down the hallway to my room (which was actually the room from my last house), and started fiddling with my DVD player. He followed me down there and had, at some point, managed to grab a guitar from somewhere. He sat down on the edge of my bed while I scrambled to get my cupboard open and wouldn't stop singing.
I don't know what happened from then on, but I can remember one part of my dream which kinda relates. I was sitting outdoors with the rest of my class, and we weren't really doing anything. I was alone, perched on the edge of the bench to distance myself as far away from everyone as possible, when, a little bit away from me, Kyuhyun (yes, from Super Junior) sat down. On my bench. My bench. I was feeling pretty awkward enough sitting near him, and then Harry Styles sat directly beside me, cutting me off from Kyuhyun.
Then I think I woke up because my Mum had made me some food.
I had another dream (I fell asleep after I ate breakfast) about Team Rocket breaking into my house but that one sentence kinda summed it up.
Oh, and I haven't really done much writing, so.
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03 January 2012 @ 04:15 pm
The title is irrelevant, I just like the song (or at least a cover of the song, since I don't like Taylor Swift). Alright, so where do I begin? I haven't really done anything during these holidays, and, to be honest, they kinda feel like they're... slipping away. I don't know, but time frames just seem kinda smaller now. I didn't even get excited over Christmas or New Years, which was pretty weird. And I feel... old. I'm not even fifteen yet, and I feel old.
I just can't believe I'm in year 10 now. I mean, when did that even happen? I can barely even remember getting through year seven and eight, more or less year nine. And I'm scared. I don't have a clue about what I want to do after year 12. All that I'm sure of is that I want to be an author some day, but I'm not entirely stupid - I know I have to get a smaller job for that first. But what?
Some time ago, I was considering being a counselor. You know, a child psychiatrist. I don't really know why, probably because I want to help people in some way. But I'm really starting to doubt that idea, because I realise I'm not even that good at carefully picking out words to make people feel good. I don't know what else there is that I could do...
Basically, I'm just really confused right now. And I'm going to be cliche for a moment, and say that I wish I was back in primary school. ~deep sigh
Anyway, I actually have some writing to share! It's not that great, but it'll do:
It wasn't long before she ran into a familiar face, Jasmine Summers, who beamed upon sight. She looked normal, maybe slightly slimmer, with sleek, black hair resting below her shoulders. Her cheek bones seemed more prominent in this light - or perhaps she had just forgotten the attribute - and her skin was smeared with blood and dirt. Curious, a smile was given, accompanied by a gesture to follow.
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17 November 2011 @ 09:28 pm
No writing because I'm a lazy piece of crap that has no motivation no matter how many times I read books, fanfics, and other stuff. Alright.
My day today was okay. My friend was absent - as she had told me the day beforehand - so I spent most of the day by myself (well, not really. I have other friends, but I'm not as ~social~ with them, I suppose). I hated Sport today, because we had to go to the Gym and I couldn't be bothered to bring my uniform that day, so I had to write the school rules out twice. I finished that fairly quickly, though, and was blessed* enough to be able to watch everyone else (y'know - the four guys that actually brought their uniforms and got changed) have ~fun. You see, my Theory/Sport/Science/Math class is awful - no-one can ever be bothered to do anything. We're just the misfits that suck at a few topics, but aren't lowly enough for D or E or smart enough for A or B (or, like me, you're  alright enough in one or more subjects and you've made it into A, but you're terrible at all the others and need to be in a class for the more lacking people). But whatever. I guess that's just my theory.
After that was Science. Still getting used to having a Karofsky as my teacher (he looks kinda like Dave Karofksy from Glee). We're learning about space - which is great, because I like learning about that kinda stuff. We watched a movie toward the end - it was really crappy, and you could easily see the green screen. Just sayin') - but I was able to answer the questions in the booklet we were given. I guess I was the only one that knew we were supposed to do that...
Anyways, Recess was boring. I ate my food, laughed at some people because of their idiotic yet slightly humorous jokes, then waited for the bell to go. And when it did, I had English.
One of the desks in the row that I sit in was gone, so my whole sitting arrangement was ~thrown out of whack. I ended up sitting in my friend's spot, I think, but I kinda sat in the middle of the two desks (since my other friend was also absent), so it didn't really matter. We've started doing drama, so we're reading from the script of Year 9 Are Animals or something. It's boring, but I can get a laugh out of a few people's inaccurate reading, and their put-on accents.
Science again. Continued learning about space. Felt kinda intelligent. Worked on the booklet a bit more. Wrote down some notes. Re-discovered my hatred for the people around me and their ability to eat with their mouths open in a science lab. Typical Science lesson in my class if you're a person like me.
Then lunch. I found out that umbrella's are really under-appreciated - I felt really safe holding one. Not sure why... It works as a good defense if you're trying to avoid watching people show affection. Something else happened. It was horrible. Won't say it. Doesn't need to be said. Was horrible.
And English once more. We had a different teacher - and, since I have poor attendance and have missed practically every lesson with this lady - I was a bit taken aback to find out we're doing debating. I didn't understand anything, and I spent most of the time playing around with crumpled old paper. Then, with maybe ten minutes left, the teacher came over to me and told me that someone had already chosen me for their debating team thing. So I went over, sat down, endured a stupid joke, and spent the remaining few minutes in silence. The teacher tried to get us to do our work, and the other team members would turn around for a second, but they'd resume talking instantly. I wasn't too interested, either, since I never do work if there's ten minutes left. Unless I'm doing really well. Which I wasn't, and rarely ever do.
Bell rang. Walked to car. Drove in silence. Mother and I went into shops near household. I got some donuts. Went home. Had shower. Got on laptop. Had dinner. Some more unimportant things that I could go one about in short sentences that are probably very boring but I'll conclude now. Okay. Done now.

* = sarcasm
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29 September 2011 @ 08:06 pm
This might be my fifth go at trying to start a journal. Let's hope this one lasts longer than all the others did, eh?
Won't bother introducing myself fully, mostly because I know that no-one will ever read this junk besides myself; but, nonetheless, I will say my name for the rare viewer who stumbled upon this page most likely because they thought they could have this URL.
It's Jodie.
Now, the main reason I want this journal is so that, in a few months time when I have nothing to do just like right now, I will be able to re-read journal entries about my days, and find motivation within tiny snippets of my writing which I wholeheartedly intend on posting. So, without further ado:
Alyssa pulled back her damp hair with an exaggerated groan, tying it back quickly. She stood in silence, watching her reflection, gaze transfixed: her skin, which was usually an olive colour, had taken on a paleish look, her cheeks red with heat; her eyes, chocolate brown in colour, stared wide behind long lashes; and her dark-brown hair trailed down her back, plaited elegantly.
A paragraph from yet another attempt at starting one of my books. Nothing compared to Wilde's opening in The Picture of Dorian Gray, but it's probably the best that I'll ever amount to! And now, I bid you adieu.
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