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11 October 2012 @ 06:00 pm
14 } madness  
It's certainly been a while. My last post was around four months ago, and not much has really happened since then. That term ended some time ago, and now I've started again (I had two weeks of holidays to post something, but I didn't, of course) and on a kind-of bitter note, seeing as my dislike toward members of my class has been rekindled and one of my best friends doesn't show up. But, besides that, things are all right.
Seeing as this is my last term - last year, too! - at this school, I have my yearly tests coming up. And I really want to do well in them. I think I did well in my last tests. I can't remember some (either that or I just didn't get the results), but, for the ones I've gotten, I'm content. I got eighty-two percent in History, fifty-three in Geography (pretty good, considering someone got nine), and twenty out of twenty-five in Science (actually not totally sure about that one). I never really bothered with my Math results because I'm almost certain that I did poorly in that one (didn't study, also had a coughing fit mid-way). But enough about tests.
In the last few weeks of school, a guy asked me out. Well, indirectly, since he didn't have the courage to actually ask himself (he asked the guy that liked me in term one to do it for him, smh). I said no, obviously, and now he has a girlfriend. I think things are funny like that, sometimes.
During the holidays I got a half-head of blonde foils, and, although I initially thought they were way too white, I actually like them now. There's not really much else to say about that, I just wanted to write it out for future reference. (hi, future jodie - yes, i know you're there)
Back to the present. I'm four days into the new term and I want it to end already. I don't know. I feel like I should be sad because I'm almost finished at this school, but, really, I'm not. I'm sick of the people in my class (was I ever not?) and I've never really been fond of the teachers, either. I'm looking forward to next year and being at a new school with all new people that I'll get sick of within a few weeks, and new teachers that I'll grow to hate, and I just want time to go a bit faster. But, if it did, then I'd sooner have to face tests and the formal and graduation, and those are some things I'm not particularly keen for.
Liam cranes his neck to search his surroundings. He can feel the hot breeze against his skin as the thick layer of monotonous green overhead breaks to let amber rays of light seep through. The distant sound of branches in movement and chiding of birds jostles the half-asleep state he was in, and he finds himself suddenly alert. He looks away from the scenery, his eyebrows arched, and finds himself staring at a girl.
It's really... bad, but at least I've done something, right? Well, whatever.
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