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27 June 2012 @ 04:31 pm
12 } they had lights inside their eyes  
Wow. I haven't written something in, well, forever. My last post was made when we went back to school for a new term, and now I'm on holidays again. It's crazy, sometimes, how time goes by so fast.
Reading over my last entry, I can't help but laugh. It just so happens that that certain boy had been confessed to himself, roughly a week before he had asked me out. And now he and the girl who had liked him since last year (and, to be honest, I kind-of expected it, too) are in a relationship. And I'm glad, because he truly does deserve a nice girl.
The main thing to write about is my new "obsession" with Legend of Korra. Previously, I wasn't that big of a fan. I didn't like Mako (I still don't, actually), or Korra, or the idea of them together, or really anything other than the fact that it was attached to Avatar: The Last Airbender. And now, after watching the first series, I must say that I kind-of like it. The effects and the setting are great, and I actually really love having an Avatar who doesn't have a problem with fighting. Plus, I discovered that I'm quite the Asami stan. She's a great character, really, and I just feel so bad for her for having to put up with Mako being so... stupid. Not to forget the fact that she might as well be an orphan now. I really hope things go better for her in season two, though I've heard that she might not be seen that often (which really irritates me, to be honest, because I was under the impression that she was part of the new Team Avatar). What I really hope is that she gets together with Iroh II.
I did two tests last week. Math, which actually didn't seem that hard (but watch me get a low mark), and Science, which was actually hard because I'm god-awful at that subject. Here's hoping I did reasonably well, though!
For English, we got an assignment rather than another exam, since my teacher... well, I think she just wasn't confident in our knowledge of Romeo and Juliet (can you blame her, though? My class is full of idiots). For the assignment, we're given a list of options we can choose from, and I decided to:
  1. Design an advertisement for a showing of the play (which is basically 'fan-cast Romeo and Juliet').
  2. Design a CD cover for a soundtrack for the film/play. Also attach a list of songs that relate to it ('make a fanmix for the film').
  3. Write a short story where two people meet and instantly fall in love, then find out that they can't be together because of fate. ('AU in which Romeo and Juliet is based in a different time', pretty much)
I'm really looking forward to doing these, since I get to use Photoshop and I get to do creative writing. I've started a bit of the short story, and though I'm not entirely confident in how the storyline relates to Romeo and Juliet in anyway, I actually sorta like it. I had come up with the plot when I found out my friend had to write a 'tragedy' - and mine, if anything, is a tragedy. So, here is a little snippet:
“Ma'am, we ca -”
Maybe it was the voice, or his tone, or his expression or the fact that he just did not understand or care about what she was going through. Although maybe it was her own impatience. She could not name what it was that had washed over her when she let her fist collide with the guard's face, only that, once she pulled her blood-tainted fist away from his chin, she was incapable of shaking the feeling of relief swelling in her chest. Why did it feel so good to shed blood once more?
She quickly swung back her fist once more, slamming hard against the other guard's cheek. Blood oozed from his nose, but she took no time to admire her own strength. She ducked on her feet, scoping the writhing bodies beside her. Her fingers laced around the keys hidden in one of the guard's pockets, and she wrestled from his grip a small shotgun that felt foreign in her hands.

Okay, I'm finished now.
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