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31 March 2012 @ 10:21 pm
09 } heaven is lost  
A lot certainly has happened since my last post.
I'll start with the tests I've done. Three so far, with another on the coming week. English, Math, and Theory. I did really good in all of them. Insanely good, actually. I got nineteen out of a total of twenty in the English test, which was the highest in my class and earned me a packet of Maltesers (though I generously gave them to the boy next to me because I didn't want them). Eighty percent in the Math test, ranking in at second highest in the class. And, finally, ninety-eight percent in Theory. I guess it goes without saying that I came first in my class, doesn't it? Since the Theory test involved doing creative writing, I suppose you could say I had an advantage. I got the highest mark achievable in that, my teacher photocopied it to give to another teacher (or something along those lines), and she read it out to the class. I felt unbelievably embarrassed as she was reading it out, but I managed.
Related to the Theory test, or at least I think so, when our names were being called out on Friday as we were being put into groups for our Geography excursion, he said "good writer" after addressing me. Needless to say, I felt really proud of myself for the duration of that day. A feeling masked only by how repulsed I was by the amount of spiders and bugs I came across while trudging through the swamp (okay, I might be over-exaggerating there, but I really didn't like it).
Now, to bring up once more the boy who sits next to me in English, I'm going to reference another post of mine where I've mentioned him. Just for an added affect and to make me feel more idiotic for being so blind, I guess.
"There's also this dude in my class (he's a punchline to a signature joke aforementioned ignorant red-head likes to make, too) and he said "Hi, Jodie" to me, like, every time he saw me. And that's a fair bit considering we're in the same classes for roughly everything. And we ran into each other twice at lunch and he still said it. I don't know why, but it's just... weird."
Quite some time ago now, I think, he informed one of my close friends that he "liked" me. She, being the great secret keeper she is, informed me of this. I mean, she wanted to keep it hidden, I guess, but she had already built up enough curiousity, and then she felt as though I needed to be told so that I was prepared, or something like that. I'm glad she told me, but it still made me feel kind-of awkward. Flattered, of course. But still.
This week, I had Monday off due to car problems (subtext: our car is a piece of crap). I'm assuming he told my other friend of these... feelings because I overheard her trying to get him to ask me out. At lunch-time they managed to get him to come over to us (one of my other friends told him to poke his head out the window and say hello to me, and when he did I was worried he'd overheard what we were talking about prior), but he didn't ask me anything. Thankfully.
I could go on, but I really can't be bothered. Holidays begin shortly, though, so I'll be safe from school matters for two weeks. Certainly looking forward to that.
I haven't done any writing and stuff of recent, unless you include the ~brilliant~ piece I did for Theory. Which I don't. So I'll end this here.
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