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01 February 2012 @ 10:15 pm
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For lack of a better name, this is entitled: "Untitled".
All right, this is just a quick post about the dream I had last night. It was... interesting.
It was early-ish in the morning (I think), and I was wearing my pajamas and I looked like I had just gotten out of bed. Which, I guess, I probably could have. My Mum came into my room and asked if I wanted to go fishing (or something like that - I really don't know, but it got me excited). Obviously I said yes, and I started looking around for clothes to shove on quickly. She was being really hasty, though, and told me to just go in my pajamas. I told her that was silly and I'd be really fast and I kept looking.
However, I think I took too long, because my Mum walked off as if she'd given up. I really don't know, but once I had gotten into something more presentable, she was sitting comfortably in the lounge room.
I noticed that the sky was really grey and that it must've been raining, so I went over to the back door to check. Sure enough, there were a bunch of puddles on the ground. But there was also something else. Dead birds, or something of the like. Surprisingly, I didn't react that bad. I backed away, turned to my Mum, and asked what was happening. She didn't respond.
I don't know what happened after that, but the next thing I can remember I was in a shopping centre (or something) that had been robbed. Like, a bunch of people had broken in and stolen everything. Well, almost everything. Some dude (I guess he would be the Peeta of the story, but I can't remember what he looked like) and I had managed to get our hands around a bag filled to the brim with essentials for survival. We were huddled around a campfire (yes, in the middle of a shopping centre), sitting in silence. I think there were a bunch of others around us, doing what we were doing and trying to do: get warm. I was afraid that, at any moment, we'd get ambushed, though. I guess something was wrong, and we were all refugees, or something of the kind.
And then this girl came over.
Okay. She wasn't a girl, exactly. More like a woman. Well, more like Rihanna. Yeah. The singer.
She asked if she could hang with us and stuff. I translated this as "can I use your supplies?" and said no, instantly. My Peeta - I'll just call him that - didn't really have an opinion, and stuck by mine. But then she started getting angry. Began insulting us, but playfully, almost. And it reminded me so much of Johanna Mason, I actually said it. "We've got our Johanna."
Then she grinned and we were great friends. A trio. Allies.
Another blank bit, and the next thing I know is that I'm completely aware of what's happening. I'm in some form of Hunger Games (though it may have been mixed with Ashes, somehow). And I've got weapons - bow and arrow - and we're ruling these Games. As if we were the Careers. But we weren't, because this wasn't technically the Games. It was more like, the whole suburb was forced to kill each other off, or something along those lines. I don't think I had realised it then, though.
I was heading up a tree with my bow, intending on getting a few apples for us. I looked behind me and My Peeta and Rihanna were just fine. I turned to face the tree again and began climbing. Then I heard a scream and a yell, and, when I looked again, they were dead in a pool of blood. My allies. Dead. And Thresh was the culprit.
I didn't have time to notch an arrow before he hit me in the head with a rock. Yeah. I kinda died. Sucks.
But then I heard trumpets and stuff, and I knew that Thresh had won. But I wasn't dead. I was almost dead, but then everything flickered and the scenery changed, and I felt just fine again. Like I hadn't just been hit across the face with a boulder.
Snow - or who I think had his position, anyway - walked over and announced that Thresh had won. Announced that all of these were virtual Games. And that everyone that had died didn't actually die, but we're just immobile until the Games had a victor. Much better than the actual Games, I guess.
That's really all I remember.
yes xclove died the same way as clove
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