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11 October 2012 @ 06:00 pm
It's certainly been a while. My last post was around four months ago, and not much has really happened since then. That term ended some time ago, and now I've started again (I had two weeks of holidays to post something, but I didn't, of course) and on a kind-of bitter note, seeing as my dislike toward members of my class has been rekindled and one of my best friends doesn't show up. But, besides that, things are all right.
Seeing as this is my last term - last year, too! - at this school, I have my yearly tests coming up. And I really want to do well in them. I think I did well in my last tests. I can't remember some (either that or I just didn't get the results), but, for the ones I've gotten, I'm content. I got eighty-two percent in History, fifty-three in Geography (pretty good, considering someone got nine), and twenty out of twenty-five in Science (actually not totally sure about that one). I never really bothered with my Math results because I'm almost certain that I did poorly in that one (didn't study, also had a coughing fit mid-way). But enough about tests.
In the last few weeks of school, a guy asked me out. Well, indirectly, since he didn't have the courage to actually ask himself (he asked the guy that liked me in term one to do it for him, smh). I said no, obviously, and now he has a girlfriend. I think things are funny like that, sometimes.
During the holidays I got a half-head of blonde foils, and, although I initially thought they were way too white, I actually like them now. There's not really much else to say about that, I just wanted to write it out for future reference. (hi, future jodie - yes, i know you're there)
Back to the present. I'm four days into the new term and I want it to end already. I don't know. I feel like I should be sad because I'm almost finished at this school, but, really, I'm not. I'm sick of the people in my class (was I ever not?) and I've never really been fond of the teachers, either. I'm looking forward to next year and being at a new school with all new people that I'll get sick of within a few weeks, and new teachers that I'll grow to hate, and I just want time to go a bit faster. But, if it did, then I'd sooner have to face tests and the formal and graduation, and those are some things I'm not particularly keen for.
Liam cranes his neck to search his surroundings. He can feel the hot breeze against his skin as the thick layer of monotonous green overhead breaks to let amber rays of light seep through. The distant sound of branches in movement and chiding of birds jostles the half-asleep state he was in, and he finds himself suddenly alert. He looks away from the scenery, his eyebrows arched, and finds himself staring at a girl.
It's really... bad, but at least I've done something, right? Well, whatever.
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05 July 2012 @ 02:40 am
A GAME OF THRONES | George R.R Martin
I finished this book two nights ago, and, despite the fact that there was a period where I couldn't bring myself to read anything at all, I really liked it. Being a fan of the T.V series, I had really high expectations - and it certainly lived up to them. The writing style is great, and I love the very idea of it. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series, especially since the season of the T.V show was so good.
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27 June 2012 @ 04:31 pm
Wow. I haven't written something in, well, forever. My last post was made when we went back to school for a new term, and now I'm on holidays again. It's crazy, sometimes, how time goes by so fast.
Reading over my last entry, I can't help but laugh. It just so happens that that certain boy had been confessed to himself, roughly a week before he had asked me out. And now he and the girl who had liked him since last year (and, to be honest, I kind-of expected it, too) are in a relationship. And I'm glad, because he truly does deserve a nice girl.
The main thing to write about is my new "obsession" with Legend of Korra. Previously, I wasn't that big of a fan. I didn't like Mako (I still don't, actually), or Korra, or the idea of them together, or really anything other than the fact that it was attached to Avatar: The Last Airbender. And now, after watching the first series, I must say that I kind-of like it. The effects and the setting are great, and I actually really love having an Avatar who doesn't have a problem with fighting. Plus, I discovered that I'm quite the Asami stan. She's a great character, really, and I just feel so bad for her for having to put up with Mako being so... stupid. Not to forget the fact that she might as well be an orphan now. I really hope things go better for her in season two, though I've heard that she might not be seen that often (which really irritates me, to be honest, because I was under the impression that she was part of the new Team Avatar). What I really hope is that she gets together with Iroh II.
I did two tests last week. Math, which actually didn't seem that hard (but watch me get a low mark), and Science, which was actually hard because I'm god-awful at that subject. Here's hoping I did reasonably well, though!
For English, we got an assignment rather than another exam, since my teacher... well, I think she just wasn't confident in our knowledge of Romeo and Juliet (can you blame her, though? My class is full of idiots). For the assignment, we're given a list of options we can choose from, and I decided to:
  1. Design an advertisement for a showing of the play (which is basically 'fan-cast Romeo and Juliet').
  2. Design a CD cover for a soundtrack for the film/play. Also attach a list of songs that relate to it ('make a fanmix for the film').
  3. Write a short story where two people meet and instantly fall in love, then find out that they can't be together because of fate. ('AU in which Romeo and Juliet is based in a different time', pretty much)
I'm really looking forward to doing these, since I get to use Photoshop and I get to do creative writing. I've started a bit of the short story, and though I'm not entirely confident in how the storyline relates to Romeo and Juliet in anyway, I actually sorta like it. I had come up with the plot when I found out my friend had to write a 'tragedy' - and mine, if anything, is a tragedy. So, here is a little snippet:
“Ma'am, we ca -”
Maybe it was the voice, or his tone, or his expression or the fact that he just did not understand or care about what she was going through. Although maybe it was her own impatience. She could not name what it was that had washed over her when she let her fist collide with the guard's face, only that, once she pulled her blood-tainted fist away from his chin, she was incapable of shaking the feeling of relief swelling in her chest. Why did it feel so good to shed blood once more?
She quickly swung back her fist once more, slamming hard against the other guard's cheek. Blood oozed from his nose, but she took no time to admire her own strength. She ducked on her feet, scoping the writhing bodies beside her. Her fingers laced around the keys hidden in one of the guard's pockets, and she wrestled from his grip a small shotgun that felt foreign in her hands.

Okay, I'm finished now.
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29 April 2012 @ 12:09 am
No, no, no, no no, no, no. No.
It should be such a simple thing to say, or write, but sometimes, it really just isn't. It took me an hour - no, a little over that - to find the words to say no. If you're confused, look back on a few of my old posts, where I've mentioned a certain guy. Then you'd understand what I'm talking about. Anyway, point is: I said it. I said no, in the most delicate way I could think of. I explained that I didn't see him in that way, and that I was sorry for making him wait for a response, and I also asked if we were still friends, to which I was given the response of "yer". I felt so great after I said it. Well, not directly after, but still. I was just so relieved to have finally replied.
I mean, I kinda wanted to reply in person. Just so that I could show how apologetic I was for the whole situation in my reactions, you know? And I guess I had multiple opportunities to do that, but I chickened out. My friends were telling me to go to him and just say it... but it really isn't that easy. Plus, when it's in real life, you can't exactly take over an hour to think of a response, or sign out to avoid answering. But whatever. Really. I've said it now, and I've made it clear, and I'm glad about it. I mean, at points I feel bad or guilty, but I'll get over it, and so will he.
Anyway, that all went down yesterday, on my third day back at school for the second term. Let's go through those days, hm?
We started on Tuesday. The guy I mentioned earlier was away (thank gosh, because I hadn't the faintest idea of what to say anyway), but my other friends were there, for which I was grateful. That day was fine, for the most part. I got the results to the English test I did on the last week of school, and I got eighteen out of thirty, which was all right considering a lot of people did awful in it (my teacher wrote "wow" on the front page, for some reason).
Then we had Wednesday off, because it was ANZAC Day. On Thursday, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I didn't do anything as such on Friday, either. I got my History assignment results back, though, and I got thirty-six out of fifty, which is way better than what I'd been expecting. Nothing else really went down, I suppose. I saw some kid do a back-flip - that was pretty cool.
I had a dream about jousting after I watched Game of Thrones. I was either Sansa or Arya (probably Arya, because after the match, I ran for it). That was interesting - the dream ended in a train station. No idea how those two mixed, but whatever.
So... yeah. I haven't been doing much, I guess. I've tried to do some writing, but it really is coming out horrid. Exhibit A:
But when he brushed against her, her skin prickled at his touch, and she found herself longing for something she'd never had. She felt warmth flow through her body, burning her cheeks, and she averted her gaze, but she felt his fingers clasp around her wrists, holding her in place as fire flooded through her.
Just awful. I've done some other writing, but it was really only dialogue, and has no place in among everything else. In my last post, I said that I'd force myself to do some writing during the holidays, and I had managed to do as such. I'd come up with a reasonably new idea for a story, and I wrote maybe fourteen pages. It isn't that great, but it wasn't really supposed to be.
And, well, yeah. That's all, really.
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07 April 2012 @ 04:58 pm
O.K. Earlier this week, I downloaded Game of Thrones. I finished watching it this morning and, well, it was awesome.
The Easter holidays have started (thank goodness), so now I get two weeks to dwell in my laziness. I think I deserve it, considering I only had five days off last term - that's pretty good for me, if you think about the amount of days I had absent last year and the two years prior to that. I also kicked butt in my tests for once. We can't forget that.
On the last day of school we did an English test, though. Stupid, I know, but whatever. I'm, in all honesty, quite certain I did poorly. I mean, it's not like the last test, which I had studied for because I had a .PDF copy of the novel we had to read, because this time all of the information required was in my school book, and my English teacher kept that book. Yeah, that was smart. It's not like I was very knowledgeable in that unit in the first place.
Basically, I'm doomed.
The rest of that day hadn't been so bad until lunch-time. Well, fourth session, maybe. We had History then, and we also didn't have our actual teacher or a very large class, so we didn't have to do much work. Even from Science, the class I'd had before that, my friends had been acting really weird. I've mentioned these two friends in particular beforehand. One was the guy that... well, whatever... and the other was the friend that he'd told about... well, whatever. Cryptic, I know, but nonetheless. The weirdness got even worse in History. The two were loud and just... well, weird. I sought refuge in the questions our teacher had given us, but since he only gave us three, that refuge didn't last long. I started to get annoyed. I mean, I can take only so much of this stuff. I can't... I don't know. It just irritated me, and I'm not sure why.
Anyway, toward the end of the lesson, my friend (the female one that knows about... well, whatever) started talking to my other friend (the male one that actually... er - yeah) about me. Except I wasn't supposed to know that they were talking about me, so I played dumb. I'd been doing that a lot whenever that subject came up. So, I was drawing, or looking at my book, or something, while they were talking about me. And she was trying to get him to ask me out. On the last day of school. During lunch. Which was to start in a few minutes. She had to be kidding. He could see how stupid that idea was just as well as I could. And yet he went through with it.
Second half at lunch time, he came up to us and he asked me out. Well, not so point-blank. It took a while for him to make his friends go away, and then make my friends go away, then it took him a while to even manage to speak (I understand that it must have been embarrassing, or something of the sort). When he finally asked, I felt bad. I mean, I'd heard what he'd said about me - he told one of my friends that I was cute, or that I got cuter by the day, or something like that - and that made me feel... well, bad. The answer had been no since the time I'd heard he liked me and it still is, but I couldn't find the strength to say that. So I, being the moron that I am, said I'd think about it.
Luckily, the next lesson we had Sport, and we're in different classes for that, so I got to go to the Gym with one of my friends from a different class. I didn't see him again. Well, not really. I saw him from a distance but he walked in the opposite direction, so I didn't have to address him.
But he has me added on Skype, so he asked for an answer the next day. It took me half an hour to just say "I don't know". But I do know, which makes it worse. I just feel bad about the whole situation, and, even after being asked that question, I still feel as though he hates my guts. It's unnerving.
I guess it goes without saying that I haven't done any writing. During the holidays, I'll try to force myself into doing some. I really will.
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31 March 2012 @ 10:21 pm
A lot certainly has happened since my last post.
I'll start with the tests I've done. Three so far, with another on the coming week. English, Math, and Theory. I did really good in all of them. Insanely good, actually. I got nineteen out of a total of twenty in the English test, which was the highest in my class and earned me a packet of Maltesers (though I generously gave them to the boy next to me because I didn't want them). Eighty percent in the Math test, ranking in at second highest in the class. And, finally, ninety-eight percent in Theory. I guess it goes without saying that I came first in my class, doesn't it? Since the Theory test involved doing creative writing, I suppose you could say I had an advantage. I got the highest mark achievable in that, my teacher photocopied it to give to another teacher (or something along those lines), and she read it out to the class. I felt unbelievably embarrassed as she was reading it out, but I managed.
Related to the Theory test, or at least I think so, when our names were being called out on Friday as we were being put into groups for our Geography excursion, he said "good writer" after addressing me. Needless to say, I felt really proud of myself for the duration of that day. A feeling masked only by how repulsed I was by the amount of spiders and bugs I came across while trudging through the swamp (okay, I might be over-exaggerating there, but I really didn't like it).
Now, to bring up once more the boy who sits next to me in English, I'm going to reference another post of mine where I've mentioned him. Just for an added affect and to make me feel more idiotic for being so blind, I guess.
"There's also this dude in my class (he's a punchline to a signature joke aforementioned ignorant red-head likes to make, too) and he said "Hi, Jodie" to me, like, every time he saw me. And that's a fair bit considering we're in the same classes for roughly everything. And we ran into each other twice at lunch and he still said it. I don't know why, but it's just... weird."
Quite some time ago now, I think, he informed one of my close friends that he "liked" me. She, being the great secret keeper she is, informed me of this. I mean, she wanted to keep it hidden, I guess, but she had already built up enough curiousity, and then she felt as though I needed to be told so that I was prepared, or something like that. I'm glad she told me, but it still made me feel kind-of awkward. Flattered, of course. But still.
This week, I had Monday off due to car problems (subtext: our car is a piece of crap). I'm assuming he told my other friend of these... feelings because I overheard her trying to get him to ask me out. At lunch-time they managed to get him to come over to us (one of my other friends told him to poke his head out the window and say hello to me, and when he did I was worried he'd overheard what we were talking about prior), but he didn't ask me anything. Thankfully.
I could go on, but I really can't be bothered. Holidays begin shortly, though, so I'll be safe from school matters for two weeks. Certainly looking forward to that.
I haven't done any writing and stuff of recent, unless you include the ~brilliant~ piece I did for Theory. Which I don't. So I'll end this here.
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25 February 2012 @ 12:22 pm
All right. This week sucked, mostly because my only friend in that class declared she was sick and took every day - except one - off. I shouldn't be annoyed since I probably did the same last year, but I was all alone and didn't really have any friends in that class then. Plus we're in our final year at this school, so it's pretty important we concentrate on our attendance. Another reason why this week sucked is because a certain ignorant red-head took interest in me and decided I would make for a good joke. Though I can't say I didn't expect something like this to happen. I guess my silence and constant glares make it so obvious that I want their attention. *sarcasm sarcasm*
I'm not even going to bother going into detail with the stupidity of my class, so I'm going to skip to something a little more important. Yesterday, at recess, my friend and I were looking at a building opposite to us at the same time (no reason - I think we'd just run out of things to say), then everything flickered dark for about a second before resuming it's usual state. Okay, at first I didn't pay much attention to it. I just thought my eyes were playing tricks on me (they do that sometimes). But then my friend pointed it out and we were both kinda dumbfound.
There's also this dude in my class (he's a punchline to a signature joke aforementioned ignorant red-head likes to make, too) and he said "Hi, Jodie" to me, like, every time he saw me. And that's a fair bit considering we're in the same classes for roughly everything. And we ran into each other twice at lunch and he still said it. I don't know why, but it's just... weird.
Now, since I'm in year 10, I just had to watch the Students VS Teacher's game at lunch yesterday. It was most of the guys - and a few girls - up against some of the teachers (way to state the obvious). And I'm pretty sure that the school hired this one particular dude just for the game. I mean, he looked like he played some form of sport professionally. Or all forms of sport. I wouldn't be surprised if he never showed up again after that match.
Needless to say, we lost.
My friend and I sat on a hill where wasps and bees were too close for comfort, and, to make matters worse, the sun was beaming down on us and the temperature was crazy hot. It didn't help that both of us were wearing our year 10 jerseys. We decided, after some time, to follow everyone else's lead and use an umbrella. Once we got over our little height difference, we were good. We also used it to shield ourselves from bugs. ~team work~
I haven't really done much writing of recent, since I've been a little distracted by school and stuff. I'll try get around to writing more than just pointless speech.
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01 February 2012 @ 10:15 pm
For lack of a better name, this is entitled: "Untitled".
All right, this is just a quick post about the dream I had last night. It was... interesting.
It was early-ish in the morning (I think), and I was wearing my pajamas and I looked like I had just gotten out of bed. Which, I guess, I probably could have. My Mum came into my room and asked if I wanted to go fishing (or something like that - I really don't know, but it got me excited). Obviously I said yes, and I started looking around for clothes to shove on quickly. She was being really hasty, though, and told me to just go in my pajamas. I told her that was silly and I'd be really fast and I kept looking.
However, I think I took too long, because my Mum walked off as if she'd given up. I really don't know, but once I had gotten into something more presentable, she was sitting comfortably in the lounge room.
I noticed that the sky was really grey and that it must've been raining, so I went over to the back door to check. Sure enough, there were a bunch of puddles on the ground. But there was also something else. Dead birds, or something of the like. Surprisingly, I didn't react that bad. I backed away, turned to my Mum, and asked what was happening. She didn't respond.
I don't know what happened after that, but the next thing I can remember I was in a shopping centre (or something) that had been robbed. Like, a bunch of people had broken in and stolen everything. Well, almost everything. Some dude (I guess he would be the Peeta of the story, but I can't remember what he looked like) and I had managed to get our hands around a bag filled to the brim with essentials for survival. We were huddled around a campfire (yes, in the middle of a shopping centre), sitting in silence. I think there were a bunch of others around us, doing what we were doing and trying to do: get warm. I was afraid that, at any moment, we'd get ambushed, though. I guess something was wrong, and we were all refugees, or something of the kind.
And then this girl came over.
Okay. She wasn't a girl, exactly. More like a woman. Well, more like Rihanna. Yeah. The singer.
She asked if she could hang with us and stuff. I translated this as "can I use your supplies?" and said no, instantly. My Peeta - I'll just call him that - didn't really have an opinion, and stuck by mine. But then she started getting angry. Began insulting us, but playfully, almost. And it reminded me so much of Johanna Mason, I actually said it. "We've got our Johanna."
Then she grinned and we were great friends. A trio. Allies.
Another blank bit, and the next thing I know is that I'm completely aware of what's happening. I'm in some form of Hunger Games (though it may have been mixed with Ashes, somehow). And I've got weapons - bow and arrow - and we're ruling these Games. As if we were the Careers. But we weren't, because this wasn't technically the Games. It was more like, the whole suburb was forced to kill each other off, or something along those lines. I don't think I had realised it then, though.
I was heading up a tree with my bow, intending on getting a few apples for us. I looked behind me and My Peeta and Rihanna were just fine. I turned to face the tree again and began climbing. Then I heard a scream and a yell, and, when I looked again, they were dead in a pool of blood. My allies. Dead. And Thresh was the culprit.
I didn't have time to notch an arrow before he hit me in the head with a rock. Yeah. I kinda died. Sucks.
But then I heard trumpets and stuff, and I knew that Thresh had won. But I wasn't dead. I was almost dead, but then everything flickered and the scenery changed, and I felt just fine again. Like I hadn't just been hit across the face with a boulder.
Snow - or who I think had his position, anyway - walked over and announced that Thresh had won. Announced that all of these were virtual Games. And that everyone that had died didn't actually die, but we're just immobile until the Games had a victor. Much better than the actual Games, I guess.
That's really all I remember.
yes xclove died the same way as clove
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31 January 2012 @ 04:31 pm
I went back to school today, and I have very... mixed feelings about everything.
For one: I hate the class I was put in.
Almost everyone in there is stupid as heck. I'm pretty sure in a previous post I said something about there being a lower bracket. A, B, & C are higher. Then there's D & E. I was put into D. D! The people in that class kept asking idiotic questions. At least twice. Each. Are you kidding me? I don't belong among these people! Maybe I'm just conceited, but I really think I'm smarter than they are.
The plus side - I have a friend~
And she's read The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson, so I can quote those a bunch and she'll actually get the references. And I can talk to her about my new-found K-Pop interest.
Now, that's great and stuff. I can joke around and talk to someone this year. But I'm not happy with the teachers I've ended up with, either. I can't understand a thing my English teacher says. I despise my Science teacher. Thoroughly dislike the lady I have for PDHPE. And I had the same Math teacher last year, and didn't like him that much then, either.
I could ask to be moved. I mean, I have perfectly valid reasons, right? But I kind-of see that as quitting. And, for some reason, I don't feel proud in doing that.
But Math was all right today, I guess. The teacher spent half the duration of class talking about rules (and getting interrupted by the morons I have to call my 'classmates' consecutively) and then made us write a little bit and quickly fill in a sheet. That was easy enough. Once we finished and had a few minutes left, my friend started talking to the guys behind us. I don't know what happened - I was too busy drawing Madge Undersee in her book - but, when I turned around next, they were discussing Greek Gods and stuff. I wasn't sure if the guys were joking or are just stupid...
Anyway, enough about my day. I haven't done much writing of recent (been too busy trying to sort out Super Junior, and Shinee members), so there's no little snippet I can share. Oh well~
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26 January 2012 @ 08:28 pm
ASHES | Ilsa J. Bick
This book was insanely good. I guess I'd probably say that about most books I read, but this was just... wow. I loved all the characters (though, I must admit, Ellie annoyed the heck out of me at times) and I just loved everything. Even if I did get a little emotional each time a dog was brought up.
It ended on a cliff-hanger, though, and I'm yet to do some research to find out when the sequel - if there is one, which there hopefully is - comes out.
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